Osgodby in Bloom are pleased to announce that the In Bloom Judges

have again awarded a Silver Gilt Rose Award to Osgodby

following the 2009 Summer Judging


Thanks to everyone involved and keep up the good work !


The In Bloom Judges comments were as follows:


Category 1C Large Village

Osgodby Silver Gilt Rose Award
Spring:        Silver Gilt Rose Award         Summer:          Silver Gilt Rose Award

Introduction (introductory remarks from the judges):
The Osgodby In Bloom Committee certainly addressed a number of comments that the judges made during their visit in April. The summer tour, which was well structured, included many key aspects of the criteria. A lot of planning had gone into the plant/colour co-ordination & the collection of sustainable plants enhanced the overall effect. The village was a delight to judge, with a fantastic response from the many residents/local businesses who all have contributed in some way to make Osgodby a great place to live & visit. The area was free of litter & credit must be given to the local Overdale school children who were out & about on the litter trail during the visit. The inclusion of Knipe Point was of special interest & is maintained to a high standard. The Village & the in Bloom Committee should be very proud of their ‘Silver Gilt’ award.

SECTION A – Horticultural Achievement
Areas of Achievement:
Well planned and colour co-ordinated containers and beds planted up around the village. Attractive children’s play areas and open spaces with neatly edged borders. Knipe Point in particular is very well maintained. Mixed planting introduced into beds to help with maintenance. A good, detailed plan of the area has been made.
Areas for Improvement:
Consider some perennial planting to add colour when the daffodils are finished. Extend rockery planting and pruning of shrubs alongside the business area as discussed during the tour. Consider coping stones or other ways of retaining soil in beds at Hill Top area. The area plan could be developed into a larger master plan with long term aims.

SECTION B – Environmental Responsibility
Area of achievement
A clean and tidy environment with no sign of litter etc. Attractive, well designed signage at entrances to the village. The identity of the village and its proximity to the sea is reflected in the hard landscaping and particularly in the boat flowerbed.
Areas for Improvement:
Investigate whether Highways would replace the broken paving’s under the two flower tubs in the residential area with cobbles or something similar. Consider putting small oval plaques with your logo and name onto planters to give ownership and information, perhaps also incorporating recognition of residents supporting your work. A clear strip of soil, with mulch, surrounding signs would help with maintenance.

SECTION C – Community Participation
Areas of Achievement:
The community is very much involved by watering and helping to maintain beds and containers.
The recent Plant Sale was very successful, raising substantial funds. Children are encouraged to be involved with bird box making etc., and are very keen and knowledgeable litter pickers. Evidence of continuing projects and future plans.
Areas for Improvement:
Continue working with the developers to plan and move forward with the two triangular areas.
The area opposite Priory Stores is still in need of development to prevent parking. Ideas are being investigated.


Following the 2009 Spring visit of the In Bloom Judges, their comments were as follows:


Osgodby Introduction (introductory remarks from the judges):

On arrival in Osgodby you certainly appreciate the 'Pride of Place' with some wonderful displays of bulbs and spring annuals. The planting at the entrances to the village were also to a high standard and contained a good variety of sustainable planting. The residential gardens as seen during the route were commendable and a it was a delight to meet the children and their teacher from Overdale Community Primary School, who had been out and about litter picking. One of the highlights of the visit was the newly acquired 'Carnival Field’ which is a haven for flora and fauna and other habitats. Everybody involved should be complimented for their efforts, especially the team responsible for transplanting snowdrop bulbs during the visit.

SECTION A - Horticultural Achievement

Areas of Achievement:

Attractive planters and beds around the village with well planned colour schemes.
Good mix of shrubs and seasonal planting in beds.
Complementary grass cutting which enhanced the floral displays, with neat edges to many pathways which is carried out by the in bloom group.

Areas for Improvement:

Consider some herbaceous/perennial planting to add colour when the daffodils are finished.
Patchy planting of shrubs in grassed areas may create more impact by being planted in a structured & sustainable bed.
Making a plan of the whole area, showing beds, features etc., would assist in identifying any problem areas and also help with future planning.

SECTION B - Environmental Responsibility

Areas of Achievement:

Well designed and built stone entry signs at the entrances to the village.
Attractive natural hedge and grassed area at The Intake, with massed bulb planting.
Very clean, litter-free environment with well maintained street furniture.

Areas for Improvement:

Consider plantings of wild flowers and plants in the Carnival Field to encourage a diversity of wildlife/colour.
Consider an appropriate interpretation board in this area, giving a brief history of its development and also information about the species to be found there would be beneficial.
Consider placing oval plaques with your logo onto planters to promote the in bloom campaign and also to market the brand.

SECTION C - Community Participation

Areas of Achievement:

Good support from local residents was clearly evident during the visit.
The involvement of the local school gives a positive message to the children and shows commitment to their community, especially the litter picking during the visit.
The way the community and Skanska in particular has come together to find solutions to the upheaval in the village created by the new by-pass is to be applauded.

Areas for Improvement:

Continue working with the developers to plan and move forward with the two triangular areas.
Consider contacting Highways and continue working with local council to find a solution to the potentially dangerous problem of parking outside Priory Stores.
The new allotment development will certainly add to the infrastructure of the village.


Osgodby In Bloom's Aims And Objectives:

·        To protect and enhance the village’s natural beauty, wildlife, flora and green space heritage.

·        To promote Osgodby’s entry into the regional and national In Bloom competitions, raising civic pride in the village.

·        To organise events and activities in the village to support the aims of the group.

·        To act as an advisory body for the community building partnerships within the community.

·        To encourage participation in the Village’s Best Kept Gardens competition.

·        To raise funds to support the above activities.


Please click HERE for the Yorkshire in Bloom Website where you can view the comments of the Judges on our Village


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